We train in the group outside, in the middle of Zürich and Winterthur. The training builds on our natural movements and we train with familiar objects from the studio or objects such as the park bench or a tree trunk that just comes into our hands. With the Bootcamp training you strengthen your immune system. They take place in all weather and 365 days a year. The training is not for total sports muffles. The exercises are challenging and the training is intense. We therefore recommend the bootcamp for trained persons. Beginners should try out the outdoor workout.
Outdoor trainings

We move outside, whether in the snow or in the summer at high heat. Of course, we adjust our activities to the weather conditions. I’ll show you how to move at low temperatures or in high summer. As an aid we bring along brought jumping ropes or even just the retaining wall in the park.


We start with the course as soon as we are at least 4 people. The group is not larger than 12 people maximum. The bootcamp trainings are currently taking place in Zurich and Winterthur. If desired, I can also do a training for you and your group in your area.

Training times

12:15 Uhr

Sportplatz Rennweg Winterthur

Training duration: 60 minutes


12er Pack à CHF 240.- (CHF 20.-/Lesson, ca. 3 Mt. Training, 4 Mt. valid)
24er Pack à CHF 430.- (CHF 18.-/Lesson, ca. 6 Mt. Training, 7 Mt. valid)
36er Pack à CHF 575.- (CHF 16.-/Lesson, ca. 9 Mt. Training, 10 Mt. valid)
48er Pack à CHF 720.- (CHF 15.-/Lesson, ca. 12 Mt. Training, 12 Mt. valid)

Pack owner: Bring a friend and get a free training!

Trial lesson: CHF 15 (only 1x possible)

Single lesson: CHF 25
* Bring a friend and you get a 20% discount!  (for non-pack owners)