Personal Training

Whether at your home, outdoors or in a gym: I like to develop with you an individual training plan and help you to comply with it and achieve your personal goals. A healthy attitude to life and the corresponding well-being do not happen overnight, which is why we work together over the long term.

In which regularity and with which intensity our exchange takes place is completely up to you. Also, whether you want to complete your training alone with me or in a small group (for example, with your partner), you can decide for yourself. I am happy to inform you about the pros and cons in a personal conversation.

Individual Training

Together we see what your goal is. Weight loss, strengthening the endurance or the general musculature – we put together an individual training together. My job is to support and motivate you during the execution, and to make sure that you follow your training plan and that success is visible.

Analysis and Control

Before we get to work, we look at your previous sporting activities and define (intermediate) goals. These are our most important indicator, which we keep constantly in touch with when analyzing your progress.


An integral healthy and balanced lifestyle also includes nutrition. If desired, I can put together a nutrition plan for you. I would much rather be happy if you share your eating habits with us and then we look at where we can adapt and what works best with your workout. It’s not about limiting yourself, but finding the optimal diet for you and your new rhythm of movement.

Training times

60 Minutes

With comprehensive 60-minute coaching, we can optimally cover all areas of movement: mobilization, stamina, speed and strength. After a compelling mobilization phase to optimally prepare your body for the upcoming challenge, I prefer to work with varying combinations of stamina, speed, and strength. This, for example, in outdoor course with changing focus. Or, we focus on an area that is important to you.

45 Minutes

Even in a 3/4 hour, many things are possible. Just like in the 60-minute coaching we start with the Mobilistation. A course with combinations of speed and strength as well as endurance is also possible here. If you want to focus on one area, we invest the majority of the training time in it.

30 Minutes
For the short-term trainers, we have the 30-minute program. After a mobilization phase, we focus on short interval trainings that optimally challenge you in half an hour. A pure endurance training is not recommended in 30 minutes, but this intensive training is suitable for professionals as a short break-out at noon or between two meetings.


Single Training

60 minuten: CHF 100
10x = CHF 900.-     (100.- Discounts)

15x = CHF 1’300.-   (200.- Discounts)
20x = CHF 1’700.-   (300.- Discounts)

45 minutes: CHF 80
10x = CHF 700.-     (100.- Discounts)

16x = CHF 1’130.-   (150.- Discounts)
20x = CHF 1’400.-   (200.- Discounts)

30 minutes: CHF 60
10x = CHF 550.-     (50.- Discounts)

16x = CHF 860.-     (100.- Discounts)
20x = CHF 1’050.-   (150.- Discounts)

Partner Training

60 minutes: CHF 150
10x = CHF 1’400.-  (100.- Discounts)
15x = CHF 2’050.-  (200.- Discounts)
20x = CHF 2’700.-  (300.- Discounts)

45 minutes: CHF 120
10x = CHF 1’100.-  (100.- Discounts)
15x = CHF 1’650.-  (150.- Discounts)
20x = CHF 2’200.-  (200.- Discounts)

30 minutes: CHF 100
10x = CHF 950.-  (50.- Discounts)
15x = CHF 1’400.-  (100.- Discounts)
20x = CHF 1’850.-  (150.- Discounts)

  • Price per Group
  • Partner-Training = 2 people
Small Groups

60 minutes: CHF 180
10x = CHF 1’700.-  (100.- Discounts)
15x = CHF 2’500.-  (200.- Discounts)
20x = CHF 3’300.-  (300.- Discounts)

45 minutes: CHF 150
10x = CHF 1’400.-  (100.- Discounts)
15x = CHF 2’250.-  (150.- Discounts)
20x = CHF 2’800.-  (200.- Discounts)

30 minutes: CHF 120
10x = CHF 1’150.-  (50.- Discounts)
15x = CHF 1’700.-  (100.- Discounts)
20x = CHF 2’050.-  (150.- Discounts)

  • Price per Group
  • Small Groups = 3 to max. 6 people